The preceding images are from the dealer, Peace Arch Toyota in South Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, from whom I bought my car on 2014‑06‑25. The following content is my own.

Elantra Touring tire and loading information
Date Change
2015‑08‑05 Added in-channel side window deflectors from WeatherTech to all four side windows, had to place order on WeatherTech Web site for them to make the deflectors for me. In around 2020, one of the rear deflectors started falling out of place but I simply removed this deflector to save it before it fell out and still never actually fixed this problem, only worked around it, as of 2023‑07‑13 because usually the rear side windows are always closed because usually no one is sitting in the rear seats so this problem does not seem to matter in practice.
2021‑10‑04 I erred while parking on 2021‑06‑19, drove into a curb, caved in the right rocker panel. Two auto body shops both quoted me around 600 CAD to fix it. My father, Brian, spraypainted the bare metal for me on 2021‑10‑04 using International Harvester tractor red rust paint bought from Canadian Tire for 15 CAD. Canadian Tire did not have red paint for Hyundai vehicles but this red tractor paint almost matches the paint on my car so it seems to have worked well as a substitute for the exact match of original paint as of 2023‑07‑13.
2022‑10‑04 The original battery finally needed replacement after twelve years. I found this discussion, Battery Sizes - Elantra Touring - Forums, about DIY battery replacement for the Elantra Touring in Canada, ended up replacing the original battery with a new EverStart MAXX 121R battery bought from Walmart in Metro Vancouver for 169 CAD. New battery still seems to work well as of 2023‑07‑13, do not think I have knowingly had any problem with the new battery despite uncertainty after reading the aforementioned forum topic.
2022‑10‑18 Replaced the compact spare tire on compact spare rim with a full-size spare tire on a full-size black steel rim. Bought Macpek X7 black steel rim from Canadian Tire, had to buy from the store at 13665 102 Ave in Surrey, British Columbia because the store at 7878 120 St (Scott Rd) in Surrey would only sell the rims in pairs but the store at 13665 102 Ave would sell only one rim.

Decoding of VIN for Elantra Touring and contemporary Elantra Sedan: 8th digit: Elantra Sedan code D, Elantra Touring code E, can remember as E for Hyundai i30 Estate AKA i30cw.

Fuel tank capacity is approximately 53 litres.